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Celebrating our ninth birthday...

On Saturday 11 March, Southampton Hospital Charity will be celebrating our ninth birthday.  We work with our supporters to raise money and provide financial support to areas of the hospital service that lie beyond the scope of NHS funding to enhance the care and treatment of patients at University Hospital Southampton.

Michelle Wheeler, Fundraising Manager, comments: “Southampton Hospital Charity officially started on 10 November 1995, and successfully re-launched on 11 March 2008. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and now raises over £2.1 million a year.”

“Over the last nine years, we have raised over £18million for the benefit of our patients.”

The NHS is always around when you need it. Many of our patients are rushed into our adult and paediatric emergency departments following 999 calls to the emergency services. 

This March, we need your help with our Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department Appeal. We are currently raising £2million before Summer 2018 so we can build a dedicated Emergency and Trauma Department for the youngest patients in our Southampton Children’s Hospital.

To help celebrate our birthday, contact us on 023 8120 8881 or

Be a superstar today!


Stuck for ideas? Here are nine simple fundraising ideas to help you raise money:

  • Put your £1 coins into a used Smarties tube and bring into our charity offices in the main reception at University Hospital Southampton.
  • Get lots of bakers together and hold a cake sale.
  • Organise an Easter egg hunt.
  • Get a giant teddy bear and choose a name for him/her. Write down 50 names and ask people to guess the name of the bear.
  • Ask your local school football team to put on a charity football match.
  • Set up a coffee morning in your local cafe or in your house and invite around friends and family.
  • This time of year everyone’s cars are constantly dirty, so why not organise a car wash.
  • Do some spring cleaning and take those unwanted items to a car boot sale.
  • Run a sweepstake for the Grand National around your workplace or local pub.

Remember, all donations and money raised can benefit any ward or department across University Hospital Southampton and Princess Anne Hospital.


Nine years on...

Here are just some of the things that Southampton Hospital Charity have bought with your donations:

New haematology day unit

The Red & White Appeal was launched in 2008 to raise a total £1.76million for building and equipping a new Haematology Day Unit for patients with blood disorders from Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, Dorset, West Sussex and the Channel Islands.

The entire project cost over £7 million, however £5 million was secured from the Department of Health. The extension to the hospital to house new rooms for haematology inpatients began in 2008 and was completed at the end of 2009. Construction of the unit was completed in August 2013 and the unit received its first patients on 2 September 2013.

Portable CT scanner for neurological scans

In early 2016, brain specialists at University Hospital Southampton were the first in Europe to provide life-saving resuscitation, imaging and surgery at patients' bedsides.  

Clinicians on the neurointensive care unit (NICU) called the development a “major milestone” in the treatment of critically ill and injured patients that could ‘transform’ clinical practice. It was made possible through the use of a new £150,000 portable CT scanner – donated by our fundraising group Percy’s Pals – to enables doctors to scan patients on the unit rather than transport them across hospital to an imaging suite.

Parents accommodation in our neonatal intensive care unit

£120,000 was raised to renovate part of the neonatal intensive care unit to improve the parental accommodation for those parents and families with children in the neonatal unit. It is often a worrying time for new mothers to be away from their babies when they need some time to themselves and all important sleep. The two family rooms, updated lounge and shower facilities are just what Princess Anne Hospital needed to help improve the experience of those needing to be with their babies.

Ultrasound scanners

We have bought several ultrasound scanners for use throughout the hospital ranging from £27,000 to £35,000 each. This has included our paediatric rheumatology team, E1 Ocean ward treating children with cardiac problems, and also the cardiac team at Princess Anne Hospital monitoring pregnant women.


The last nine years have been really exciting, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the next few years.

Call us on 023 8120 8881, email us on, or visit to find out more about the charity.


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