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Case study – James Green

By supporting the children’s Emergency and Trauma Department Appeal, you will play an integral role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our younger generation, not only now, but for years to come.

“In 2014 our 12 year old son James and his friend were out cycling when they became victims of an unprovoked and violent knife attack in Emsworth. Thanks to the bravery of a third friend, as well as some wonderful member of the public, the emergency services were quickly brought on to the scene where they immediately began treating their life threatening injuries.

James – who had remained conscious – was blue lighted to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, before being brought to University Hospital Southampton (UHS). His friend became unconscious almost instantly due to blood loss and was flown by air ambulance directly to UHS where he was met by the emergency and trauma team.

When James was stabilised and taken to UHS, the care he received as well as the consideration for our family was truly second to none. The staff were outstanding, particularly given the difficult areas and limited space they had to work in. For James, this limited space and lack of privacy really added to his anxieties: as an adolescent boy he was very upset and embarrassed at having to be catheterised with only a thin curtain and a few feet between him and the next child.  Still reeling from the shock of something so harrowing happening to our James in our little town, as well as being fearful of the outcome, meant none of us wanted to leave James’ side, and James’ overwhelming fear that the perpetrator of his injuries would come to hurt him again meant that he also did not want to be left alone. However, small cubicles meant this wasn’t always possible.

I only have the highest praise for the hospital and its staff: they saved James’ life. But if changes could be made to improve the environment by providing more substantial space to facilitate staff requirements as well as room for relatives to remain comfortably with the child providing the privacy that every patient deserves, we wholeheartedly support that endeavour.

We read and hear many reports of the difficulties facing the NHS, but if any service is deserving of investment, it is the children’s Emergency and Trauma Department at Southampton. It is every parent’s worse nightmare when their child is admitted to hospital: however, a dedicated children’s centre would provide an environment worthy of its excellent staff and reputation, and bring children’s services in line with adult services, going someway to making a parent’s worst nightmare a little more bearable.

Thanks to UHS, James has made a full physical recovery, although he is being treated for PTSD.” 

Chrissie Caton, James’ mum.


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