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Shining Stars Christmas Appeal dedications

As the winter season approaches and our thoughts turn to celebrations, remembrance and thanks, Southampton Hospital Charity would like to give you the opportunity to make a special dedication.

We invite you to dedicate a Shining Star to celebrate the life of someone who can't be with us at this time, or write a personal message of thanks to a friend, relative, hospital individual or team.

Remember, a donation doesn't have to be large to make a difference - just give what you can. 

You can write a cheque payable to Southampton Hospital Charity, text STAR03 £10 to 70070, or make your dedication online at 


Our thanks to those people who have already donated. Messages are updated weekly, so keep an eye out for your dedication.


You can either read them below, or via our book of remembrance.


Shining Stars Dedications:

  • New Milton Town Council, The Mayor - Mrs Trish Hawkins.
  • Mrs Sandra Abbott - Audrey Nicol 1937- 2014. Our dearest Mum and Grandma. Sadly missed along lifes way quietly remembered every day.
  • Mrs Marion Jean Andrew -  Kevin Sitch, my darling brother who was sadly taken from our family over 5 years ago.
  • Mrs Vera  Austin - All the nursing staff.
  • Mrs Barbara Bond - Lesley – my dearly missed husband. You are forever in my thoughts. Lots of Love Barbara.
  • Mr Terence Brown - The team of nurse’s who work in the C3 treatment clinic.
  • Dr Linda Cadier - Stella, forever our shining star. Love and blessings Linda, Paul, Louis and Camilla and family xxx
  • Mrs Joan Cole - Mr Norman Cole.
  • Mrs Jean Coleman - The hospital staff for all the help and care I have had over the past 3 years.
  • Mrs Patricia Cross - Gordon Cross my beloved husband who passed away on 20.12.2015. I still miss him so much.
  • Mrs Beryl Dobson - My dear husband, Harry and darling daughter Lynn died 1971 and 2014 God Bless you both.
  • Janet Edwards - John Edwards – treasured memories of a beloved husband, father and grandfather.
  • Mr Graham Paul Farrington - Memories of Reg Frances Farrington & Edward and Irene Barfoot.
  • Mrs Susan Francis - My lovely Mum Pam Wyatt 19.08.29 – 28.05.10.
  • Mr Donald Lambe and Lynn Griffiths -  Thank you for looking after Tilly.
  • Mr and Mrs Brian and Elizabeth Gurney - To the surgical team as a whole who operated so successfully on my oesophegal cancer in 2015.
  • Mrs Rita Hale - Mark Hale- ‘Sleep peacefully’ at this time of the year we love and miss you so much Love Mum, Dad and Family.
  • Mr and Mrs Halle - All the staff in the oncology wards and radiotherapy department for their dedication and kindness to me and my family.
  • Mr Roger Harding - Ward D7 D Neuro.
  • Mr and Mrs Michael and Freda Harrison - Muriel Chapman our Auntie who had such good care by all the staff on the stroke ward July 2014.
  • Ms Janet Honeyman - Sharon Arnold, our lovely friend who we still both dearly miss. Bob and Janet xxx
  • Doreen Howlett - George Howlett, Miss you every single day, Love you more than words can say – Doreen xx
  • Mr and Mrs Brian and Carol Hunt - Mr Neil Pearce and the PLANETS team. With grateful thanks for your ongoing care.
  • Mrs Tracey Jennings - My brave and beautiful mum, who we miss so much. Thinking of you always. Love You xxx
  • Mr Frank Jones - To radiation staff, so kind and caring. Helped me 2 years ago.
  • Mrs Carolyn Jory - All the staff who looked after my husband, William Jory on F5/F6 earlier this year, warmest thanks.
  • Mrs Felicity Lampard - Michael Lampard – we miss you every day. With love Lissie and Family.
  • Mr Ian Langmead - To Mr Ohri and all the surgical and nursing staff in the intensive cardiac unit who saved my life.
  • Mrs Winifred Legg - The doctors, nurses and all who have cared for me over the years – a big thank you.
  • Mr John Leyland - Sister Winifred sorely missed.
  • Mrs Susan Mackie - In memory of Paul Mackie, the love of my life. 1946- 2015 Sue Mackie.
  • Mr and Mrs Kenneth and Guy Madden - Dr M Jenner’s clinic and his team in Haematology.
  • Mrs Wendy Mardle - The Pulmonary area.
  • Mrs Patricia Marriott - To Juliet, with love for the fun times.
  • Mr and Mrs Gregory Paul and Eileen McCann - Women’s Oncology Wards – marvellous staff
  • Mrs Sue Merry - Roger Merry, wonderful husband and best friend for 25 years. I never understood love until I experienced yours. Sue xx
  • Mrs Teresa Mills - Robbie Keville – Who was an absolute little cutie.
  • Mrs Doreen Mills - Two brother in laws – Charles Hartup and David Comporet, may they rest in peace.
  • Mrs Sheila Moir - Ryder Smith.
  • Miss Helen Morgan -  My dad, Peter Morgan, who was my rock and who I miss every day.
  • Miss Lily Nordbruch - John Cross, in memory of a loving father, Grandad and Great Grandad.
  • Mrs Sylvie Padwick - My friend Linda, and Helen and Yvonne Sheila Eilleen Margaret who all gave up to cancer and all others the same.
  • Mr and Mrs Philip Andrew and Mary Payton - All the staff at A&E department.
  • Mr and Mrs George and Margaret Perry - God bless all nurses and doctors in cancer units for all the work done, particularly in C7 in treatment area.
  • Mr Tim Player -  Phoebe and Edna Hutchings.
  • Mrs Judy Pomphrey - My mother, Patricia Barnett and brother in Law, Nigel Barber, sadly no longer with us.
  • Ms Mandy Purkiss - Ted Purkiss and all who cared for him so well.
  • Mr John Pye - All people working hard to help the NHS provide healthcare for the United Kingdom.
  • Mrs Kathleen Reading - The Haematology team, C6 and C7 for sixteen years of dedicated care of my late husband. Thank you for helping him.
  • Mr and Mrs Alan and Frances Rice - Jadon Teague 8 years old in December. Jadon had a heart op age 3 months. He is our wonderful grandson.
  • Mr and Mrs  Richard and Kelly Riley -  Dedicated to all the wonderful nurses in NICU who cared for our son James, always in our hearts.
  • Mr Stuart Rogers - To absent friends and family with love.
  • Mrs Helen Rowbrey - To Dr Gibb and all the staff in Wessex Neurological  Department for their continued care and support since  2006.
  • Mr Andrew Sculpher - Eye Department SGH.
  • Mrs Penny Senior - Hope this star helps you have a happy Christmas and better New Year.
  • Mrs Valeria Sleeney - Ken Sleeney- two years have gone by since you left me, you will be in my heart forever.
  • Mrs Hilda Stawinoga - Thanks everyone from the hospital for all you do, especially the kind nurses on Ward 4 Neuro.
  • Mrs Denise Rita Stoker - My husband, David who died 1st January 2007. I would like to thank the macmillan nurses who cared for him.
  • Mr and Mrs Gordon and Mavis Stote -  Sansom and Stote family.
  • Miss Mavis Whitehead - Noreen Linthorn Squire, my dearest friend.
  • Mr and Mrs Michael and Sally Willson - Paediatrics- for the help they gave our grandson Luke.
  • Mrs Jean Wilson - My husband, Stuart Alan Wilson 02.04.37 – 04.02.2002.
  • Patricia Wren - Southampton Hospital Charity – to all the dedicated staff
  • Mrs Ilse Yeatman - Mr Mustapha Khaiba.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Young - Pauline Pugh cherished memories of a much loved friend who will always have a special place in our hearts.
Thank you for your support throughout 2016.
We wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy 2017.

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