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Summer's story

“On 6th February, 2014 our lives were changed forever when our beautiful, kind, gentle 11 year old daughter Summer Isabella Cubitt was diagnosed with a rare blood related cancer called T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. We moved into Piam Brown ward and have been looked after by Piam Brown ever since. 

The doctors and nurses have been outstanding in every way. We cannot fault their professionalism, care and compassion. They walked the extra mile when they needed to. They made the journey better. 

The same cannot be said of the physical space. 

The upheaval both physically and psychologically of having to be moved from one bed to another bed at a moment’s notice when your child is extremely sick was profound. 

Summer Cubitt family

...Or having to share with a 16 year old boy when both children are attached to many machines and have to use commodes. 

...Or sharing a bay with another child when there is no room for a nurse to access your machines and change the blood or platelet bags. 

...Or being kept awake all night by a very sick child in the other bay who is screaming most of the night from extreme pain and intermittent vomiting. 

All these additional problems made the extremely difficult journey that much more difficult for Summer. 

Summer had her final Intrathecal Lumbar Puncture in Southampton just before the ward got closed down in April 2016. On Tuesday 5th July in spite of the ward being closed, Summer went to Southampton Hospital and had her portacath removed, marking the end of her treatment.

Whilst these works will not benefit Summer, it is not an exaggeration to say that the reconfiguration and urgent works will transform the experience for future children with cancer and their families. The exciting refurbishment will help to make their difficult journey significantly more manageable.”

– Onnalee Cubitt, Summer’s Mum.


Fundraising and donations

Summer Cubitt with nurseYou can support the Piam Brown appeal as a fundraiser individually, with friends, colleagues or even a larger group. You can find some handy hints on how to go about it here.

You can make a direct donation here (just be sure to mention your donation is for the Piam Brown refurbishment appeal).

Or you can text PIAM16 then your amount to 70070 to make a quick and easy donation via your phone.

Thank you so much for supporting us on this crucial endeavour. And please do remember to share your support on social media – every voice helps! 


Download our full Piam Brown appeal case for support here.

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