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Southampton’s new haematology day unit open three years

The 28th August 2016 marks the day that the new haematology day unit at Southampton General Hospital was officially opened in 2013 by Lady Brabourne, President of Southampton Hospital Charity.

This was made possible by the community support given to Southampton Hospital Charity’s Red&White Appeal to raise the £1.6 million needed to provide this specialist service to people with blood disorders.

This was all possible through the years of tireless fundraising across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex and the Channel Islands.

Dinah Labay, Ward Manager of the C7 Haematology and TYA Day Unit, says: “It is unbelievable that three years have passed already. The new unit means that we are able to treat more patients as day patients (some who previously would have had to remain inpatients) including some of those with leukaemia. We now provide a better environment, and a single venue for haematology patients requiring ongoing treatment and care. Previously patients might have had to go to two or three venues for different aspects of care. The new unit means that it is better equipped to make the patient stay more comfortable.”

Southampton is known for providing world class, highly specialised medical care in units like this. Over the last three years we have:

  • Increased nursing staff levels from 8 to 14. All of these are chemotherapy trained, 75% Apheresis trained (stem cell harvest and related procedures), two Advanced Nurse Practitioners can help the doctors by doing bone marrow procedures, long line removal and prescribing. 
  • Clinical trials are widely available to help us to choose the best treatments for all our haematology patients.
  • A multi disciplinary team has been set up to help each other every day to give support and quality care to all the patients.
  • All bays and side rooms are now equipped with dual climate air conditioning unit.
  • Provision of DVDs and magazines for patients with longer treatments.
  • We also use CADD pump which enables the patient to have a continuous chemotherapy or infusion at home.


The three main areas where we seem to be doing more and more work is ongoing care for patients post donor stem cell transplant, Teenage and Young adult (TYA) patients, and patients participating in research trials many of whom are receiving novel drugs.

If you wish to donate to the unit, please contact the charity on 023 8120 8881 and quote Red&White fund and help us to keep the unit looking new!

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