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Winning charity lottery grant projects

Southampton Hospital Charity runs a weekly lottery for only £1 a week where players are issued a unique number, and players can win between £40-£200, plus the rollover currently stands at around £8,000 (as of 16/8/16).

The prizes are set out so that 50% goes towards the prizes, and 50% goes into Southampton Hospital Charity’s lottery fund. This means that we can offer a yearly grant to our staff to bid for items to improve patient experience to a value of £20,000.

For a second year, this May we asked our staff to bid for items and we received a number of bids to a value of £239,329. After careful consideration, the successful bids were:

  • A specialist wheelchair for neurological patients rehabilitation - £1,000 – Adult Support Services
  • Decoration of children’s recovery area in theatres - £5,000 - Theatres
  • Tanita body composition scale - £4,220 – Children Support Services
  • Paediatric and youth summer activities - £2,500 – Child Health
  • Wall mirrors for amputee rehabilitation - £700 – Adult Support Services
  • Copper sheeting to cover the diagnostic CR cassettes - £500 - Radiology
  • Chairs suitable for patients with mental health issues in the Acute Medical Unit - £1,053.60 – Emergency Medicine
  • Improvements to Broadlands Birth Centre - £3,500 – Women and New Born
  • Medi-Plinth Gynae couch for patients suffering miscarriages - £1,691.91 – Women and New Born
  • TOTAL: £20,165.51


Thank you so much to everyone who plays our lottery as without you, this annual grant would not be possible. If you wish to join our lottery, you can find out more information here. To learn more about our other fundraising projects, go to

Here are the projects in more depth.

Paediatric and youth summer activities:

Play is important for children and young people in hospital as it provides a link with home, a sense of normality and can aid recovery. With the summer holidays coming up, we want it to be as varied as possible in order to engage the children and young people admitted to hospital and give them a positive experience to remember. Activities include an animatronics dinosaur visit, CSI day workshop, Stomp day workshop and science day workshop.

Running for rehab – specialist wheelchair for neurological patients rehabilitation:

One of the physiotherapists ran the London marathon in 2016 raising £1,500 towards a specialist wheelchair, and used £1,000 from the grant money to make the purchase possible. She discovered that there was a need for appropriate seating for neurological patients. They found on numerous occasions they were unable to sit patients out in chairs due to sharing two ‘tilt in space’ wheelchairs between five wards. This purchase means that the therapy department now have their own ‘tilt in space’ specialist wheelchair.

Decoration of children’s recovery area in theatres:

The children’s recovery area within theatres is outdated and tired. This project will see the recovery area stripped out and turned into a clean, clear stimulating environment. In addition, they will have a sensory interactive mat for children with additional needs to enjoy.

Tanita body composition scale:

Children with chronic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and inflammatory bowel disease are at risk of nutrition depletion and are often underweight and shorter than their peers at the time of diagnosis. This device will help us monitor body composition quicker as part of the nutritional management care of our patients.

Wall of mirrors for amputee rehabilitation:

We have a partial wall of mirrors on one side of our rehabilitation gym and this grant will allow us to extend this visual feedback for amputee patients to aid gait re-education in prosthetic rehabilitation.

Copper sheeting to cover the diagnostic CR cassettes:

In radiotherapy physics we use a diagnostic CR cassette to record radiographic images using our treatment machine (linear accelerator). By placing a layer of copper in front of our imaging cassette, we can improve the quality of our clinical images. 

Chairs suitable for patients with mental health issues in the Acute Medical Unit:

In recent times the acute medical unit has seen an increase in patients presenting with mental health issues. In order to continually improve our facilities and make the unit as safe and caring as possible we want two chairs designed for challenging environments. 

Improvements to Broadlands Birth Centre:

The Broadlands Birth Centre see around 500 new lives being brought into the world each year. We want to improve the environment to give more support for mums who are breast feeding, update the look and feel of the ward, and also give dad’s somewhere more comfortable to rest after something a very long night!

Medi-Plinth Gynae couch for patients suffering miscarriages:

A medi-plinth gynae couch will ensure easy patient positioning with improved access to the pelvic area. The aim is to increase the comfort and speed of a sensitive female examination and procedure during a difficult time. 

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