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Charities launch #2MillionSteps appeal

The Murray Parish Trust and Southampton Hospital Charity aim to raise £2 million for new children’s emergency and trauma department, serving the South of England.

The Murray Parish Trust (charity partner of Southampton Hospital Charity for the Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department appeal) announced the launch of #2MillionSteps on June 7 2016 during a very special event at Westminster. 

The national appeal to raise £2 million pounds was the largest of four charitable projects chosen by George Osborne to receive match funding to improve health facilities for children nationally.

The launch event saw the likes of George Osborne, actors (and founders of The Murray Paris Trust) Jim Murray and Sarah Parish, MPs and CEO of University Hospital Southampton Fiona Dalton amongst many others come together in celebration of the match funding promise.









#2MillionSteps intends to raise the necessary funds and awareness for the new unit by asking the public “What steps will you take to make a difference?


Commenting on the launch of #2MillionSteps, Sarah said: “We are delighted to partner up with Southampton Hospital Charity on this fantastic appeal: it is our biggest project to date. 

“University Hospital Southampton covers such a huge majority of Southern England. It’s so important that we give our children the best possible medical resources.”

Jim added: “It’s very easy to concentrate on our London hospitals, they are well renowned and incredible indeed but if you live outside of London you should have the same facilities and quality of care that central London kids have. 

“University Hospital Southampton should have just as high a profile and be supported as much as Great Ormond Street and Evelina Hospital. We are delighted to be given this challenge.”

#2MillionSteps will work to raise funds and awareness for the new unit by asking the public “What steps will you take to make a difference?”

With a variety of fundraising options available, including one off donations, regular giving as well as suggested initiatives and social media interaction, there are numerous ways to show and share your support for #2MillionSteps.

It will coincide with (and be supported by) fundraising initiatives from Southampton Hospital Charity, with all proceeds combining to hit the department’s £2 million fundraising target. 

For a glimpse of the launch event, take a look at the official #2MillionSteps video.



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