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Ordnance Survey staff raise £25,800

Yesterday (25 April 2016) staff from Ordnance Survey, plus two little helpers, visited Princess Anne Hospital to present Holding Little Hands (a fund of Southampton Hospital Charity) with a £25,885.85 donation, after 12 months of fundraising activities.

The amazing total raised by OS is going to provide the specialist unit with an MRI Scan Pod and two essential I-Stat handheld devices.

Every year, OS employees get the chance to nominate and vote for a charity to fundraise for. In early 2015, Director of Marketing & Communications; Nick Giles nominated Holding Little Hands to be the OS corporate charity. Following a staff vote Holding Little Hands was selected as the 2015-16 Corporate Charity.

Nick nominated Holding Little Hands due to his close attachment to the charity. It was Nick’s personal story which secured the vote. Nick added: “In 2013 my wife was pregnant with twins when a complication occurred resulting in the babies being born 14 weeks premature at 26 weeks and one day. Weighing just 1lb 5oz and 1lb 12oz their chance of survival of both twins was just 20% and the likelihood of long-term issues was near certain.

“Fortunately for us Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton boasts one of the best neonatal units in the country, they save the lives of hundreds of children every year and are solely responsible for the survival of our twins who I am pleased to say after 90 days in hospital have defied all the odds and are now a thriving and healthy duo.”

Nick was joined by the twins, Louis and Phoebe now aged 2½ years, and his wife Caroline to present the cheque to the hospital team.

Ordnance Survey staff started a fundraising campaign in April 2015 and over the last year staff have been engaged in a wide range of fundraising activities. OS hosted over 100 separate events including good old fashioned cake sales, pamper evenings, map sales, Christmas events and concerts featuring the OS work place choir, Off the Scale.

Being an active, outdoors organisation, staff at OS also raised money through a variety of running, cycling and swimming events. The successful fundraising year concluded with OS hosting a Dinner Dance at St Mary’s Stadium, which was attended by 140 employees, friends and family. During the evening everyone enjoyed a three course dinner, entertainment and live auction raising an amazing £3,700.

Suzie Simmons, Fundraising Manager, comments: “Southampton Hospital Charity has been overwhelmed by the support from Ordnance Survey for our neonatal intensive care unit. It is incredible that they have smashed their target, raising over £25,800 for the unit.

“The Ordnance Survey staff threw their hearts, passion and creativity into this fundraising year, and thanks to them, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is now able to buy an MRI compatible transport pod and a mobile transport blood gas analyser (I-Stat gas analyser).”

Dr Victoria Puddy, Consultant Neonatologist Clinical Lead UHS Neonatal Service, added: “These new pieces of equipment will make a difference to the small sick babies needing care in Southampton. They will enable critically ill babies to undergo safer transport between hospitals for intensive care and detailed imaging.

“This contribution to the Neonatal Intensive Care service in Southampton has made a real difference for sick vulnerable babies and their families within the region and the staff caring for them. We are extremely grateful to the staff, friends and family of Ordnance Survey who have raised money to enable us to buy this equipment that will make a difference.“

MR imaging today is an increasingly important diagnosis tool for neonatal infants. Its non-invasive nature is especially important considering the size and nature of the patients requiring treatment and early diagnosis critical to direct treatment efficiently and at the earliest opportunity. The Scan Pod is designed to provide a warm and comfortable environment for the infant patient, in which to undergo MRI, CT or X-Ray imaging.

The ‘I-Stat handheld’ is an advanced, easy-to-use, portable blood analysis system that provides health care professionals with real time, lab quality results within minutes rather than hours to help ensure that they can rapidly make treatment decisions, which may lead to enhanced quality of care and improved system efficiency. Being handheld ensures that the team is able to remotely analyse patients’ blood results. This, like the Portable MRI Scan Pod, will allow the team to remotely monitor a baby’s blood level/reading when they are out of the unit itself.

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