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New home for the Major Trauma Team

Southampton General Hospital is a designated major trauma centre, and is one of only two places in the south of England to offer adults and children full onsite major trauma care provision by multi-disciplinary teams.

Suzie Simmons, fundraising manager at Southampton Hospital Charity says: “Charitable and commercial donations have seen a former storage cupboard turned into an office for the Major Trauma Centre, Wessex Trauma Network and Out of Hours Teams.  

Southampton Hospital Charity has donated £23,000 from our general purpose fund, and Stewarts Law LLP have kindly donated £6,500 to the project which has brought geographically fragmented colleagues together in one office.” 

To mark the occasion Stewarts Law LLP representative Lucy Robinson cut the ribbon to officially open the new office at a ceremony on Friday 15 February.  

Lucy Robinson, Partner, comments: “Stewarts Law LLP provides free legal advice through the legal service available to major trauma patients and their families at Southampton General Hospital.  Advice is provided on a range of legal issues that arise following serious injury.”

“We work closely with the major trauma team, so were happy to get involved in this project to help the idea become a reality.”

The term major trauma is used to describe multiple serious injuries that could result in significant physical harm or death. These might include serious head, chest, abdominal and skeletal injuries sustained as a result of accidents, sport or violence.

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