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Artwork proves a hit for intensive care patients

We believe that art has an important role to play in the healing process for patient wellbeing, and relatives of those in hospital.

The General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) at Southampton General Hospital looks after around 1,800 people every year, and normally takes patients who have just come out from the operating theatre, or people who have been admitted as emergency cases.

The unit cares for some of the sickest people in hospital, and used to just have sterile walls, a stark contrast to all of the unit’s specialist equipment. 

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Consultant in Intensive Care, comments: “This project came about through involvement with our nurses, patient focus groups and local artist Katy Macintyre Brown.”

“For patients in side rooms they will not to have to look at blank white walls, but will instead have the impression of looking out of a window. Some of the corridors walls now have bright flowers on them, creating a much more visual and relaxing environment.” 

“Many relatives and staff visiting the unit have said those in the corridors have changed the psychological impact of walking into such a high tech environment for the better.”

“The wall art has also provided a talking point for staff and all those coming onto GICU from around the hospital. It has made a real difference to staff in demonstrating that we are always trying to improve the environment that we work in everyday for everyone.

Thanks to donations by past relatives and patients to the GICU fund of Southampton Hospital Charity, the printing costs have been covered. This project has allowed us to brighten up the unit with the creative and inspirational artwork, and is a lasting tribute to our ex-patients. Our thanks also go to artist Katy who did all the designs voluntarily for the charity.

The photos show the walls both before and after the artwork, of which I am sure you will agree, there is a massive improvement.

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