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The surprising benefits of running...

Why not make 2016 your year for joining in with a charity run. We have distances to suit everyone from children’s runs to adult runs of 10 miles, half marathons, and full marathons.

Don’t forget there are plenty of tough mudder and colour run events going on throughout the year too. As always, you can raise money for any ward or department of your choice – get in touch with us on 023 8120 8881 or for more information.


Apart from the obvious benefits of fitness and weight loss, running has some amazing benefits!

  • Scientists have discovered that the same bodily process that helps fuel the body efficiently during a run also improves memory and learning.
  • Running can make you happier. Researchers discovered that jogging purges the blood of a substance known as kynurenine, which accumulates during times of stress and is believed to be linked to depression.
  • Scientists found that those who finished faster were more likely to have stronger sex drives and higher sperm counts.
  • Runners protect themselves from cancer. Finnish scientists revealed those who ran for 30 minutes a day exhibited “a 50 percent reduction in the risk of dying prematurely from cancer”.
  • According to research running increases blood flow to your ears, which results in improved hearing!

You can read more about the benefits here 


Now you’ve read why to get running in 2016, don’t forget to sign up to one of our events – 023 8120 8881.

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