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Trauma victim families to receive overnight packs

People who face unexpected overnight stays at the Wessex Neurological Intensive Care Unit when visiting family members can now access a special pack without the need to buy basic everyday items after a link up with a local law firm.

When a loved one has been involved in an accident, no matter where you are when you get the call you drop everything and get to the hospital as soon as possible.  You will probably remember your keys and possibly your wallet or purse but may not have time to pick up anything else. It’s only when arriving at the hospital and, having been there for a while, that the practicalities of staying overnight come to the fore, by which time shops may be shut or indeed people may not have the funds available to purchase basic items. 

Law firm Irwin Mitchell has therefore teamed up with the Wessex Neurological Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital to provide overnight packs to families of individuals admitted to the Unit in the hope that by providing the fundamentals,  this small gesture makes a traumatic experience a little easier. 

The packs contain tissues, wet wipes, shampoo/shower gel, lip balm, moisturiser, tooth brush and paste, cereal bar as well as a note pad and pen.   

Roger Lightfoot, Clinical Lead in the Wessex Neurological Intensive Care Unit says:  “We are so grateful to Irwin Mitchell for their support. We see time and time again that supportive family members have rushed to visit patients and stay by their side all day before realising that they haven’t brought anything with them for an overnight stay because they may not have known it would happen. We do what we can to help people feel comfortable and now there will further support in the form of the overnight packs.”

Claire Howard, head of the Serious Injury team at Irwin Mitchell’s South Coast office says: “This problem first came to my attention through my work as a personal injury solicitor and was highlighted further through my involvement with Headway Isle of Wight Support Group. The family member’s sole preoccupation is to get to the hospital as quickly as possible and they don’t think about how long they might have to stay beyond the first hour or so.   

“If someone is admitted to the unit it’s a very stressful and worrying time, and these packs are aimed to provide the basics for what they need for an overnight stay.  It’s one less thing for them to worry about when faced with a potentially distressing situation to begin with.”

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