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Encouraging the monkey in all of us...!

‘Monkey’ is a popular character in the Monkey Wellbeing books which are widely used within schools around England.

These feature interactive games and activities designed to teach young children how to use the NHS and prepare them for what happens in the emergency department. Packed with stickers, a pop-out ambulance, games and pencils, this is a great education tool to use with young children.  

Due to donations to Southampton Hospital Charity, the Southampton Paediatric Emergency Department is giving away the ‘Monkey uses the Emergency Department’ books in a bid to to help children understand what goes on in hospitals, and what to expect.

Cath Battrick, Matron, comments: “These booklets have been well received by the children, their parents, and our staff. 

They provide a great source of distraction while the child is waiting for tests and results, and helps us to show the children and parents what we are doing and why it is necessary. They include information like who is who in the department, the importance of tests, and how we get the child better.

All this is done in language and pictures so that the children can understand, and if well enough, add stickers, draw their own pictures and do puzzles to help keep their minds off what is going on. 

They are a fantastic resource for the staff to be able to use, so thank you to everyone for their donations to Southampton Hospital Charity to make all this possible.”


Note: Monkey uses the Emergency Department is part of the Monkey goes to hospital book series. 

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