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Tough mudder challenge for PLANETS

PLANETS is dedicated to defeating pancreatic, liver and neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs). The team have put together a crack team team of 23 doctors, surgeons, nurses, patients and supporters to take on the 10 mile Tough Mudder race on 3 May. 

Tough Mudder is a hardcore 13 mile obstacle course designed to test strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. 

Why are they putting ourselves through this? To raise funds for PLANETS!


We want to thank our dedicated staff about to take on this challenge:
  • Tom Armstrong
  • Alex Mirnezami
  • Mark Wright
  • Emma Ramsey
  • Arjun Takhar
  • Guy Hickson
  • Jo Dowle
  • Tim Bryant
  • Rob Allison 


Please sponsor them here: 

So far the tough mudder challenge had raised £3,427.33 and is rising...

What’s the PLANETS next fundraising project

As many of you know PLANETS has been raising money for a range of cancer related treatments, research and equipment for theatres, radiology, wards and outpatients over the last 4 years.
So far, we have raised £375,000 (thank you again to everyone who has supported us).
Our current project is IORT or intra-operative radiotherapy using the UKs first mobile linear accelerator in theatres, here in UHS to treat a wide range of advanced cancers. 
IORT stands for intra operative radio therapy. Here in Southampton we are setting up the UKs first IORT service with a MOBILE LINEAR ACCELERATOR that we can use during operations to treat cancers that we can’t completely remove and “Zap” areas where we think they may come back.  We will be treating pancreatic, bowel, NET and liver tumours starting in autumn 2015. 
We need your help to raise another £250,000 to keep this running until 2018 and enable us to start treating difficult lung, kidney, bladder, head and neck, breast, cervical and ovarian tumours too. 


PLANETS is based at Southampton General Hospital dedicated to defeating pancreatic, liver and neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs). 
It is a fund of Southampton Hospital Charity, and was set up in 2011 by Neil Pearce and Brian Stedman to help the hospital provide world-class care for patients in supporting the hospital’s pioneering work in treatment, research and education. 
PLANETS has raised over £330,000 to date and some of our initial aims have already been met but there is plenty more to achieve and the medical team are 'happy' to put their bodies through this tough event to help us meet our 2015 targets!  

Please sponsor the team here: 

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