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Valley Girls fundraising exceeds all expectations

We want to say a huge thank you to the Valley Girls cycling group.

They set out to raise £40,000, and today their total stands at £60,754.68. What a huge amount and what a team! 

The charities that they were supporting are Southampton Hospital Charity, the British Heart Foundation, Vasculitis UK, and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals.

Southampton Hospital Charity will be using our £15,188.67 to help our cardiac departments in Southampton General Hospital, and we look forward to meeting the Valley Girls when they come into the hospital for the cheque presentation.

This group of 18 ladies, all over 40, from the Cherwell Valley, courageously signed up to cycle 470km across rural Rajasthan (India). 

In February 2015, they completed this ride over five days. They left behind twelve husbands, one fiancé, one boyfriend, two ‘works in progress’, 34 children, seven dogs, 11 cats, eight chickens, one guinea pig, three tropical fish, eight sticklebacks and a class of 22 ten year olds!

Some of them had cycled before, but many were back in the saddle for the first time in 25 years. 

The ladies all embraced this spirit of adventure and the physical challenge, and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts.


Have you been inspired to join one our charity events?

We have a wide range of cycling events taking place throughout the year, from the London to Brighton, London to Paris, or even the Big Heart Bike Ride in Africa in 2016.

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