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Providing distraction for children visiting hospitals

Staff at Southampton General Hospital have come up with an innovative idea to educate and distract the young visitors to the intensive care units.

Claire Liddell, staff nurse comments: “I wanted to tailor an activity booklet specifically for the children that we see in our intensive care units visiting their loved ones. It can often be a scary place, and this booklet helps to explain who we are, what we do, and some of the equipment that they might see on the unit.

When patients are in the intensive care units, family members often have nothing for the children to do as they may have rushed to the unit due to the nature of the emergency. As well as having information in the booklets, there are activities, such as making a get well card, telling their loved one about their day, and also stickers for the nursing staff to give to the children.

We have found nothing else like this in the UK, so we were thrilled that Snows Toyota provided the grant to Southampton Hospital Charity to print these for us. Thank you.”

The Snows Toyota, in partnership with Toyota UK, have kindly covered the cost of designing and printing the booklets for the intensive care unit, and Marcus Gaffney, General Sales Manager from Snows Toyota Southampton says: “We were very excited when we heard about this project. I know that it will make a huge impact on the families in the intensive care units, and we were happy to be involved. Every year, Snows Toyota gets involved with the local community to help projects such as this get off the ground.”

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