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Cardiac machine to help save the lives of ill children

It is the state-of-the-art machine that can help save the lives of thousands of desperately ill youngsters.

From newborn babies who are just too ill to be moved, to children facing complications from extensive heart surgeries – the portable echo machine is crucial in an emergency to boost a child’s chances of survival.

Southampton Hospital Charity are working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to raise £49,000 to buy the vital piece of equipment for Southampton General Hospital’s children’s heart unit.


Jacob Carr

11-year-old Jacob Carr has had so many ultrasound scans of his heart during his treatment that he has lost count.

The youngster from Hedge End was born with a heart defect meaning one of the valves didn’t work properly, resulting in extensive operations throughout his young life.

His family know only too well how vital echocardiograms are, which have formed an integral part of Jacob’s treatment.

The images taken by the machine allow doctors to get clear images of his heart both before surgery to see where the problems are and afterwards to see if everything is working as it should.

Today Jacob and his family are urging our local community to get behind the appeal and do what they can to raise the £49,000 needed.

Mum Lisa said: “Echocardiograms are such a vital part of his care and will be in the future so we are thrilled to help with the appeal.

“This machine gives the doctors the images they need to locate any problems or issues prior to surgery which is absolutely vital. It will undoubtedly save lives.”


Currently the children’s heart unit only has access to larger, bulky, echo machines which are difficult to move to different wards and struggle to fit into crowded resuscitation bays during an emergency.

They also take time to be booted up once they are in position, wasting vital minutes when a child’s life is at risk.

The latest CX50 machine however is highly portable – about the size of a laptop – and can be taken to a patient’s bedside and set up quickly.

That means that children will receive faster, better results, helping them and their families cope with the anxiety of living with a life-threatening condition.

This machine will also allow doctors to travel to critically ill babies in other hospitals, who are just too sick to be moved, giving them the very best chance of survival.

Southampton Hospital Charity will be part funding this piece of equipment, and will be working closely with the BHF on this appeal. Donations to the charity allow the hospital to buy equipment, fund research and provide better facilities that would otherwise be unaffordable under the NHS. With your help, the charity funds projects large and small across all wards and departments to improve patient care.


How to donate

There are many ways to support this appeal and ensure poorly youngsters in Hampshire get the very best life-saving care they need.

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