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Replacement presents for those stolen

We have been simply overwhelmed by the support we received over the Christmas period by our local community. 

We saw the real low point of humanity with someone stealing the Playstation designed for use with the children in hospital on Christmas Day. We then saw how everyone came together and donated what they could to make sure that they would have entertainment and toys over Christmas. 

games console donation to hospitalSouthampton General Hospital’s play service manager, Joyce Stebbings, said: “We are really touched and humbled by how many people have got in touch with us to do something.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. We never expected this response and we want to say thank you to everyone who has done something.”

Donna Parsons, Southampton Hospital Charity, commented: “The response from our community has been phenomenal and you can tell people are really in the Christmas spirit by the fact they have donated so many gifts and donations. 

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved. In total we’ve had pledges of around 15 games consoles which means that each children’s ward can have two or three consoles to play with. 

We’ve also had just under £5,000 of donations thanks to three Justgiving pages – two of which were set up by people in the community wanting to help us.”

Southampton Hospital Charity justgiving page: 

Amy Lewis - 

Clair Roberts - 


We also want to personally thank everyone who donated money, toys or games consoles for our children to use in hospital. Some wanted to remain anonymous, so all we can say to these people is thank you from everyone here in the charity and hospital. 


Donations included nine-year-old Alex Hammond, who decided he did not need his own PlayStation 3 and travelled from his Portsmouth home with mum Emma to hand it over to the hospital.

Emma told us: “Alex said he doesn’t need it, so the children at the hospital can have it. He’s a kind boy and it’s good they will have something now.”

games console donationFour Horseshoes pub landlord James Couper, his sister Vicki and friend Paul Burden shelled out to buy an Xbox, Playstation 4 and games for the youngsters to enjoy over the festive period.

Mike and Clair Brading, from Sholing, Southampton, gathered a hoard of toys to donate, including some Christmas presents given up by their four children.

Their nine-month-old son Charlie, who has spina bifida, has had regular treatment at the children’s ward and 29-year-old Mike said: “It was very important for us to help them, especially the children’s hospital as they really helped my son.”

There was also 25-year-old bank account manager Ashley Rafferty from Eastleigh, who bought a brand new PlayStation 4 during his lunch break and gave it to the hospital, and 30-year-old carpenter Ashley James from Woolston, who collected scores of games and DVDs to hand over.

Mr Rafferty said: “It’s Christmas, it was a story that touched me. I’ve used the hospital before and I thought why not give something back. It was a despicable act to steal from there.”

Leo Ridgway, Tyler, Steph, Lauren and Adam at retailer CEX Marland Centre, which stocks new and used consoles, games and films, were also touched and donated £1000 worth of equipment, including a new Playstation 4, controllers and consoles.

We also want to say a special thank you to these people who physically donated something for our children in hospital:

  • Wave 105 present donationMothercare – donating £250 worth of presents
  • Ron Atwill – donated watches, puzzles, yoyos
  • Sarah Phillipson and Lisa Millward –donated a PS3 and games
  • Mark Kinch - Hospital volunteer donated money
  • Mrs Sturgis – donated £200 to the ward
  • Graham - donated a PS3
  • Mr Payne – donated a games console and games 
  • Adam Hart – xbox donation
  • Kenny Milward – toys donation in association with Wave 105
  • Kim Edwards – donated a PS3
  • Keith Ryvers – donated a new android tablet 
  • Terry and Lisa Mundy - £150 of chocolates donated
  • Sarah Bunstead – PS3 and games donation
  • Matt Lane, a director at Southampton-based MNL Builders donated a box full of children’s slippers 
  • Valerie Porter
  • Melissa Bedwell
  • Amy Guy
  • games console donation to hospitalDes Connelly, St Joseph’s Centre, Ashurst
  •  Summer Lane
  • Olivia and Amelia Phillips
  • Evelyn and Cassie Chapman
  • Chris Walker, Itchen South Scout District
  • Leah Davies
  • Matt Beecham
  • Martin Riddell
  • Abi Veitch
  • Mathew Shenton
  • Terry Glew
  • John Dale, Sainsbury, Lordshill
  • Jane Whiting and Lottie
  • Brandon Heath
  • Kobie Shelley
  • Sue Glendenning
  • Andrew and Julie, Bramley Leeds
  • Carolyn Brown
  • Mrs H Woodley
  • Mike Lyons, Terraclean South Limited
  • Tablet donationEmma Goodall
  • Kelly-Ann Ward
  • Michael Johnston
  • Graham Baxendale
  • Sophie and Tania Javett
  • David Field and Cheryl Osborn
  • Jack and Claire Fielder
  • Liam Dodd
  • Tore Johannesen
  • Debbie Bowyer
  • Mark Whitely
  • Paul Burdow
  • Zoe Indge
  • Millie and Freddie Farmer
  • Michelle Shores, Sony, Camberly
  • Cerri Killworth and Matt McDonald, Netpay Merchant Services
  • Asda, Eastleigh
  • Dave Rouse
  • Scott Roberts
  • Dana  Drubge
  • Maisie Ray
  • Mr Webb
  • Sam, Ryton
  • Ryan, Game, Southampton


Thank you everyone. 

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