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Read your Shining Star dedications...

As the winter season approaches and our thoughts turn to celebrations, remembrance and thanks, Southampton Hospital Charity would like to give you the opportunity to make a special dedication to a loved one.

Christmas tree

We invite you to dedicate a Shining Star and celebrate the life of someone who can't be with us at this time, or write a personal message of thanks to a friend or relative recognising that special someone at this time of reflection.

For a suggested donation of £10 your message (220 word maximum) will be recorded on a star which will be displayed on a Christmas tree in the main hall at Southampton General Hospital and on our website.

Alternatively you can make your donation, then download the templates below for personal or corporates, and post to us.

Southampton Hospital Charity can use your donation in the area of greatest need, or if you would prefer your donation to benefit a particular area of the hospital please let us know.

Make your dedication here:

Download now! Friends and family Shining Star

Download now! Corporate Shining Star


Read your Shining Star dedications here

Shining star

"My Brother Kevin Sitch, a much loved brother of Marion" - Marion Andrew

"Isaac Baker - Little Man, you made a big impression. Two beautiful years" - Andrew Baker

"Southampton General Coronary Care Unit. They Save Lives!" - Robert Bryant

"The Late Norman Cole" - June Cole

"Mr Husband Alby Golden, Southampton Speedway Rider. Love always Joan in loving memory"- Patricia Golden

"Mark Hale - This will be our first Christmas without you. Love Mum, Dad and Family xx" - Rita Hale

"Terry James - My first Christmas without you but you are in my heart love always, Margaret" - Margaret James

"Mary and Alan - Good friends and neighbours, both died in the last year" - Audrey Jerram

"My sister Winifred. Still greatly missed" - John Leyland

"Ken Sleeney - My Darling Husband, Celia Sliney, Albert Joys & Edith Joys. Forever in my thoughts with all my love Valerie" - Valerie Sleeney

"Thank you Mr Newsom in the eye unit for the care and kindness you give" - Sylvia Angell

"Michael Rose, my brother in law, 1959 - 2014" - Mark Brooks

"Stella darling mother and grandmother, love you xxxx" - Linda Cadier

"My dear late husband Brian.  I will always love you Barb xxx" - Barbara Cobb

"Jack Curtis who recieved great treatment from SGH prior to his death" - Micky Curtis

"RIP Reg and Frances Farrington and RIP Edward and Irene Barfoot" - Mr G Farrington

"Paul, your bright star shines forever in our hearts.  Taken 17.12.2007 age 36.  Missing you Mum and Dad" - Malcolm and Joan Hack

"To all the nursing staff to help pay their parking fees!" - William Hickman

"Janet" - Jean Holden

"Helen Gallienne missed by so many, love you xx" - Joanna Ingrouille

"Jack and Alan, I always think of you both.  I miss you both" - Winifred Lockhart

"All the amazing staff in Caridac ICU who worked so hard for my Dad to be here this Christmas.  Thank you." - Rachel Maggs

"To all the nurses & senior staff & doctors at the Haematology Day Unit C7" - John Frederick Morgan

"John O'Connor.  Remembering you with love xxxx" - Vivenne O'Connor

"Reg & Terry.  With love to you both" - Eve Haria O'Neil

"The staff of the A&E Department" - Mr & Mrs Philip Payton

"The memory of Jo Anne Merchant who received such wonderful care and attention" - Brian Penaluna

"Peter Carpenter of Ringwood.  Missed as much now as in 1983.  In our hearts, love Meriel, Steve, Mum and Dad" - Meriel Quain

"My beautiful grandson Jake Hoare who died aged 11 years" - Christine Reeve

"Jadon Teague.  Thank you to all the staff for their dedication to Jadon our beautiful grandson now aged 6 years" - Frances Rice

"Dr Kelly, Catherine Pearson, for getting me well in December 2009.  Remember it well 'thanks'" - Majorie Rushton

"Pam Simmons, my darling wife for 56 years.  This is our Diamond year" - Robert Simmons

"All the wonderful nurses, doctors and care workers" - Kathleen Singleton

"John Cole Stokes.  Yes darling I did love you and still do" - Jean Stokes

"The loving memories of our parents and brother, William & Nance Sansom, George, Mary and Brian Stote, love Mavis and Gordon" - Mavis Stote

"Ian Derek Street.  Loving son of Beryl and the late Harold" - Beryl Street

"The staff of this hospital who work so hard" - Sally Willson

"My darling husband Stuart.  04.02.02 in his memory" - Jean Wilson

"Mustopha Khaiba.  Missing you so much!" - Mrs I Yeatman

"Planets Fund Team for all their support & encouragement at all meetings" - Maggie Young

"This star is dedicated to everyone at Southampton General Hospital.  Henderson Green Consulting Engineers wishes them and their families a happy and peaceful Christmas." - Henderson Green Consulting Engineers

"Happy Christmas to all in the Transformation Team" 

 "Patricia Ann Andrew.  Love always John xx" - John Andrew

"My beautiful Mummy and my dear wife.  Forever in our hearts love you with all our hearts xxxx" - Michael Coster

"John Edwards - treasured memories of a beloved husband, father and grandfather" - Janet Edwards

"Mrs Christina Horne" - John Horne

"Henry George Howlett love and miss you so much.  You are forever in my heart love Doreen xx" - Doreen Howlett

"Mr Pearce, the surgeon who saved my life.  Forver in your debt" - Brian Hunt

"My grateful thanks to all doctors, nurses and recpetionists on C3 Chemo Clinic C Level East Wing for all their care of me, W Legg" - Winifred Legg

"Doctors and nurses and all staff on C7 Haemotology Day Unit from Patrick Madden" - Mr K G Madden

"My sister Sheila whom I miss x" -Eileen McCann

"Paul Dean our first Christmas without you.  We will love and miss you forever" - Miss A Mcglinchey

"John Cross, dearly loved father and grandfather.  Love never dies! - Lily Nordbruch

"Alfie Parsons, time passes but you are always in our thoughts xxxx Grandad Colin and Nanny June" - Colin Parsons

"The memory of David J Savage love from his girls" - Susan Savage

"My beloved husband George who I miss very much" - Doreen Townsend

"David Trist 20.10.40 to 18.12.12 loved and missed by all family and friends." - Claire Trist

"Alan Parkins we love and miss you still! Thinking of you Doda" - Helen Vanstone

"Noreen Linthorn Squire Head of Maths Portsmouth High School for Girls.  15.01.14 - 01.05.2003" - Mavis Whitehead

"For our darling son James, the brighest star in the sky.  You are always in our hearts.  Love Mummy, Daddy, Sam and Ellie. xx" - Kelly Riley

"Our Dearest Alex , In all our hearts and thoughts, and with you every moment.  Love and miss you always." - Andrea & John Smith

"To our darling son baby James Burnley, always in our hearts and forever missed.  Shine bright little star.  Love you forever, thinking of you always, Mum, Dad, your loving sister Milly and your new little brother Harry." - Matthew Burnley

"Lorraine Wathan, your endless love to us will live on in our hearts, passed to every generation to come forever." - Donna Goodwin

"In memory of my dear Mum, Pam Wyatt.  18/9/1929 - 28/5/2010" - Sue Francis

"Mum, always in our thoughts and heart.  Now passing on those very special times we shared with my son Arthur" - Fiona Stewart

"In loving memory of Donald and Dorothy Birch and Harry and Evelyn Birch.  God bless you all." - Gordon Birch

"My dear brother Frank.  Always my best friend miss you very much. Love as always sister Pam" - Pamela Debnam

"All children who have the courage to undergo surgery when they need to be made well again" - Roland Ell

"Alan Gilbert" - Barbara Gilbert

"Michael Lampard you are always in our thoughts with love Lissie" - Felicity Lampard

"Bramshaw Ward Princess Anne Hospital for all the care I received from surgeons, doctors and nurses" - Margaret Lord

"Leonard George Bailey.  A wonderful, kind and generous father and grandfather" - Carolyn Martyn

"Peter Morgan, a fantastic Dad and husband who received great care here.  You were our star and are missed immensley" - Helen Morgan

"Brian Osman, my wonderful husband and father, we miss you so very much" - Heather Osman

"Too many to send flowers, chocs and cards.  Thanks to all. Stanley Saunders" - Stanley Saunders


Your dedications will be added every week to the website, so keep your eye on this page for your dedication. 

Thank you to everyone who has already made their Shining Star dedications.

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