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Salon raises £2,883 in support of daughters hospital care

Georgia Hudson, 18, was diagnosed in April 2014 with a rare tumour called a pheochromocytoma. This meant that her adrenal gland was producing excess adrenaline, causing persistent high blood pressure.

Pheochromocytoma tumours are found in just two out of every million people each year.

Dad, John says: “The tumour was really dangerous as it meant that Georgia’s body had more adrenaline in than normal which was being released in uncontrolled bursts. This meant that even exploratory surgery was dangerous, however thankfully the surgery was successful and they managed to remove the tumour on her bladder. 

If left untreated, it could have resulted in severe or life-threatening damage to other body systems, especially the heart, which is why it was so important to do the surgery.

The Teenage Cancer Unit at Southampton General Hospital is great. You really don’t feel like you are in a hospital as the unit is very relaxed and has been designed specifically for teenagers. Georgia was one of the lucky ones, and left hospital in August.

We wanted to do something to give back, which is why we chose to support Southampton Hospital Charity. If you see what they do here, it is simply incredible and life changing!”

John is the owner of the hairdressing salon hairwaysrustington in West Sussex. On Saturday 8 November, the salon held its own fundraising day for the charity, and raised an amazing £2,883.55.

John continues: “Our local traders all rallied around us and donated something that we could use or sell. We had a massive raffle where companies donated expensive cars for use by the winners for the weekend. We got lots of local store vouchers and meal vouchers, which went down a real treat. 

Our local coffee shop, the Coastal Coffee Company even donated a coffee machine and the coffee beans so we could sell coffee and cake to help raise money. Everyone dressed up too as doctors, nurses and even patients – it was a great day.”

Moira Wilson, sister, comments: “It is really good to know that our patients are still thinking about the unit and the staff even after they leave. All the money donated to the ward will continue to benefit our current patients and everyone on the ward. I want to thank John and Georgia Hudson, plus the staff at hairwaysrustington for making the event such a success.”

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