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Festival raises thousands for ward

A charity festival has raised thousands of pounds to thank the ward that has fought to save a little girl.

Aimee Otworowski, who was born three months premature, has spent almost all her life in hospital after being diagnosed with chronic lung disease and a hole in her heart.

Doctors at Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton have battled to keep the 10-month-old from Langley alive.

Now the youngster’s family and friends have given the ward a boost after organising a fundraising music festival at the Langley Tavern for the neonatal unit fund of Southampton Hospital Charity.

The festival raised £11,318.63, bringing the hospital closer to getting a £14,500 cerebral function monitor which records and monitors a premature baby’s brain activity. 

The family also did their own fundraising, and raised a further £1,848.72 for the neonatal unit.

Thank you.

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