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Congratulations to all our bow tie bike riders!

On 13 and 14 September, a team of staff, patients and friends and family successfully cycled 200 miles in two days to raise money for a portable ultrasound device for the Southampton Paediatric Rheumatology Fund. It’s a vital bit of kit for our outreach clinics, and helps kids get diagnosed faster and closer to home.


They all suffered some leg-aching, joint stiffening, muscle-swelling agony - so the kids don’t have to.


Sarah Hartfree, paediatric rheumatology specialist nurse, comments: “The Paediatric Rheumatology Team look after many rheumatology diseases, including arthritis in children. Our focus on fundraising for 2014 was to raise £22,000 for a portable scanning machine. We raised £12,000 through our Bow Tie Bike Ride, and were fortunate enough to get match funded, so the event raised £24,000!” 

“Often when making a diagnosis or confirming disease activity clinical examination alone is not enough, and a ultrasound scanner is required. Two years ago we raised the money for an ultrasound scanner and this has made a huge difference in our service as before our children were seen in clinic, referred for an ultrasound which took 4-6 weeks, then another clinic to review the results. This affected school and work time, and the delay in diagnosis meant huge psychological issues for the family. We now can do it on the same day.”

“The Paediatric rheumatology team support many outreach clinics in local hospitals supporting them with information and treatment of Arthritis. Unfortunately at these centres we did not have access to an ultrasound scanner on the same day. Now that we have a portable scanner, we are able to diagnose children, and make a decision on treatment in just one clinic appointment.”

Well done to everyone involved in making this such a successful event.

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