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Duchess of Cornwall supports Snowdonia zipwire challenge

Naomi Drummond, 43, from Dorchester zipped down Mount Snowdon to raise money for Southampton Hospital Charity’s fund, PLANETS.
She aptly named the event ‘Naomi’s big girls don’t fly challenge’ and has already raised £2,700. This has even included a donation from her employer, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwell.
Naomi says: “This really isn’t the sort of thing I normally do. I can’t even go on the fourth floor of the shopping mall, never mind jump off a mountain!”
“And then there’s the outfit: an orange boiler suit and sensible footwear. I really don’t look great in orange and I don’t think I own any shoes with out a three inch heel!”
 “On Sunday I was strapped horizontally to a zip wire at 500ft, before I went flying down the mountain at speeds reaching 100mph.”
PLANETS is dedicated to defeating pancreatic, liver and neuro-endocrine tumours in the South. They work within Southampton General Hospital and support the world-class care and pioneering work in treatment, research and education of the disease.
“I decided to raise money for the charity due to the help and support they have offered my best friend, Fiona Trevett, who suffers from a rare type of cancer.”
“She has been so positive throughout her illness. If she can go through all of, and still be positive, I can do this for her.”
If you wish to show your appreciation of the challenge, you can donate to: 
Would you have been able to do it?! 

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