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Giant teddy donated to raise money for neonatal unit

Five year old Chloe Nicholls was on a winning streak at the end of June when she took part in her school fete and came away with more than expected.
Mother, Sue, explains: “Both Chloe and her sister Hollie, 8, go to Wordsworth Primary School in Shirley. They took part in a helium balloon launch that day for the chance to win a massive five foot teddy bear. Each balloon held a tag and the race relied on a member of the public finding the balloon and sending back the tag. Chloe’s balloon was found by a lady in Brentwood in Essex and then posted back to the school.”
“It was such a shock to get the phone call. All I thought was oh my god, what are going to do with it! We let her play with the teddy at her granny’s as she had to stay there as there was no room in our house.” 
“We gave Chloe a choice as to where she wanted to bear to go. Either to help the poorly babies on the neonatal unit at Princess Anne Hospital, or to go to a local children's hospice. She wanted to help the poorly babies in Southampton, so she is donating the teddy to Southampton Hospital Charity. 
Victoria Greenshields, fundraising manager, said: “It was a very brave thing to do for Chloe to give up her bear, and we are very thankful to her. We know it will help us to raise a lot of money for our neonatal unit and we have a few events in mind that we can use the bear with!”

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