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Children entertained in hospital thanks to charitable donations

A new interactive floor has been added to the children’s outpatient department to act as a distraction before the children have to undergo hospital appointments.
Michaela Taplin, Health Care Assistant, said: “It took us around two years to raise the full £11,000 for the interactive floor. We want to thank everyone who donated money to Southampton Hospital Charity’s children’s outpatient department fund and made this possible. We have had great feedback from the parents, and you just have to see the children playing with the floor to see how much they love it!”
“This is ideal for the children who have to have blood tests or allergy tests so they can have something fun to do while they wait to take their minds off the tests.”
"We want to say a massive thank you to David Griffiths, Andy Hyett, Paul Chamberlain and Peter Hollaway who donated money to the department after completing their three peaks challenge. A large amount of money was also raised thank to the Milton Abbis street party which put on a 1930s style party, so thank you to everyone who came along to this event.” 
The staff have also been incredible and raised a lot of money through cake sales, toy sales and bike raffles. We hope that other children’s areas will see the difference it has made to our unit, and start to raise money for their own.”
Kyra Glendinning, mother to four year old Taylor, commented: “This floor is brilliant. The first time we came in and the interactive floor had been installed, Taylor just played with it the whole time. We have to fly from Guernsey for Taylor’s appointments as there is nothing like this children's unit at home.“
“The fact that it is interactive really gets the children moving around. It is great for them and helps with their hand and eye coordination too.”
Joshua Easdown’s mother Janet Moody said: “This is the first time Joshua (4) has been able to play with one of these floors. We have to travel from Verwood in Dorset so have brought loads of toys with us to distract him, but thanks to the interactive floor, we haven’t needed any of them.”
“It is certainly money well spent, as anything that takes the edge off a hospital is a great thing, especially if it puts him at ease!”
If you wish to donate towards the children’s outpatient department, then please contact the Southampton Hospital Charity team on 023 8120 8881 or

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