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Nurse to face her fears in skydive for neonatal unit

Wendy Guard is a nurse in the Coronary Care Unit at St Richards Hospital in Chichester.
Wendy explains why she is doing the tandem skydive for Southampton Hospital Charity… “I'm one of the lucky ones. I am nearly 52 years old, I have two amazing grown-up healthy children, but I work in an environment where I see hope and heartbreak every day and I have friends and family who haven't been so lucky.
I admire them so much and they are a constant reminder of just how fortunate I am. I feel that now is the time for me to take on a personal challenge of my own and hopefully make a difference to those whose lives are completely taken over with the unexpected arrival of a premature baby. 
It's indescribable what these parents go through, but Southampton's neonatal intensive care unit continues to provide the most amazing clinical care and support for these families.
Therefore my challenge has to be something that pushes me. I have a real problem with heights and I'm already terrified at the thought of literally jumping out of plane at 10,000 feet this Saturday!!
I wanted to share my story with the public and I hope that you take some time to donate for this worthwhile cause, either because you too are one of the 'lucky' ones, or because you have a reason to be grateful to the Southampton neonatal unit. I have currently raised £420 to the neonatal unit, against my initial target of £400 which I am thrilled about.
You can donate via my Justgiving page:
Southampton Hospital Charity also wants to thank the other people signed up to our weekend skydive:
  • Tanya McMullan: fundraising for Stanley Graveson Ward 
  • Kate Boot: fundraising for G6 children’s ward
  • Rebecca Marrs
  • Duncan Wright

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