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NHS Change Day is coming 3 March 2014

NHS Change Day started with a single tweet in 2012. A small group of NHS staff decided they wanted to do something better together and reached out to others. 

A real social movement was born and an amazing 189,000 pledges were made all with focus – a heartfelt pledge to make a difference to patients and staff.  
Such a positive day, with passion reignited and new ideas for making a difference shared, had to be repeated. It has even now spread to Australia! So this is year two for NHS Change Day. 

Southampton Hospital Charity's pledge is:

"Continue to enhance the facilities at Southampton General Hospital and Princess Anne Hospital and improve patient experience."

Who can be involved? You can! It’s that simple. 

Patients and publicNHS Change Day

Your NHS needs you!
Add your power to the NHS Change Day movement, which is simply about people and staff pledging to make a difference in health and care. Many people have told us you wanted to say thank you to NHS staff.
Over the last year, NHS Change Day polled the public about how they could help improve the NHS, here's the top four suggested pledges. Why not pledge to do them too? 
  • I pledge to not miss my scheduled appointments at my GP surgery or hospital
  • I pledge to find information about my local health services, so I understand what the different options could be when I might need them
  • I pledge to give up at least an hour of my time volunteering to help my local health and care services
  • I pledge to give my feedback good and bad of the health and care services I experience
Tell us what you would like local staff to pledge to make health and care better.
More information can be found at the NHS Change Day website

NHS staff

If you have an idea for a pledge there’s no limit to who you can talk to or what you pledge, it could be something small but significant you will do every day, month or year, or an improvement to a service, it’s personal to you - so think about what is important to you! 
On Monday we are encouraging staff members to wear something green to show their support for the day. They will be collecting a suggested £1 donation, with any money raised going directly to their own ward or department. Why not join in too.

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