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Vote for your Hospital Heroes

This year you decide who wins the Hospital Heroes team of the year and employee of the year award. 

To cast your vote choose from the winners of team of the month and text the team number to 70007. Texts cost £1 plus your standard network charge with at least 97p going to Southampton Hospital Charity. You can vote as many times as you like, but you must be 16 years or over and have permission from the bill payer. 

Voting finishes at midnight on 14 March 2014 and the winner will be announced on 25 March 2014. 

For any voting issues please contact the helpline on 023 8120 4919.

Team of the year entries:

C3 chemotherapy daycase team - Chosen for providing an excellent and seamless service to patients during a time of significant change to improve the patient treatment area. Text T1 to 70007.

IM&T e-records and governance information teams - Chosen for developing a new IT system within weeks to improve the identification and care of patients with dementia. Text T2 to 70007.

Palliative care team - Chosen for providing excellent and reliable patient-centred care and support to adult congenital heart patients. Text T3 to 70007.

Pre-assessment team for surgery and orthopaedics - Chosen for working tirelessly and professionally during building works and relocations. Text T4 to 70007.

Anaesthetic trauma team - Chosen for translating advances in trauma management from military scenarios to civilian care and for working flexibly to save lives. Text T5 to 70007.

Clinical site management team - Chosen for going the extra mile to ensure they have the right patient, in the right place at the right time. Text T6 to 70007.

Voluntary services - Chosen for giving over 156150 hours service to the Trust and for providing unique and invaluable help to staff and patients. Text T7 to 70007.

Supply chain and linen and uniform team - Chosen for working solidly to minimise the damage to materials and disruption to the service after two separate floods. Text T8 to 70007.

AMU staffing team - Chosen for working incredibly hard, putting patients fi rst to ensure quality of care and capacity to support flow of patients. Text T9 to 70007.

Ward D3 - Chosen for managing a challenging incident extremely well and for ensuring patient and staff experience is always excellent. Text T10 to 70007.

Learning support facilitators - Chosen for developing online resources which underpin the educational needs of the whole organisation. Text T11 to 70007.

Employee of the year entries:

Claire Deacon, admissions pathway co-ordinator - Chosen for providing an excellent service for patients by smoothing the admission process and going the extra mile to support her colleagues. Text E1 to 70007.

Arvin Pagkaliwangan, porter - Chosen for doing everything possible to help out the clinical teams and for his kind and considerate nature. Text E2 to 70007.

Eric Royle, bloodtrack biomedical scientist - Chosen for his positive and friendly attitude when tracking the final destination of 1,400 blood products. Text E3 to 70007.

Lucy Carter, specialised cardiac physiologist - Chosen for her ‘best in region’ Quality, Innovation, Productivity  and Prevention project to improve the experience for cardiac patients. Text E4 to 70007.

Becky Baker, recruitment and retention lead - Chosen for leading the overseas nurse recruitment project and for ensuring its success. Text E5 to 70007.

Heather Holt, administrator in non-invasive cardiology - Chosen for her prompt, exemplary action in two emergency situations and for her warm and helpful welcome to patients. Text E6 to 70007.

Sarah Gibbs, Multiple sclerosis co-ordinator - Chosen for dealing with a significant billing change ensuring it happened seamlessly without any disruption to patient care. Text E7 to 70007.

Gavin Hawkins, senior finance manager - Chosen for working tirelessly to support colleagues and endeavouring to understand clinical issues and guide solutions. Text E8 to 70007.

Hannah Smith, clinical educator - Chosen for ensuring every nurse in cancer care has an education plan and for setting up systems to save others hours of time. Text E9 to 70007. 

Colin Hubbard, advanced nurse practitioner - Chosen for improving patient experience in cardiac surgery and reducing length of stay by 1.5 days. Text E10 to 70007.

Employee of the year text voting Team of the year text voting

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