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In this section are all the fundraising downloads we have available to help you make the most of your event, or to help you to raise money for your specific fundraising activity.

Information on how to pay in any money raised can be found here:

Brand guidelines


Event Bunting:

Our downloadable bunting is a great way to liven up your fundraising event. Plus it's really easy to make. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download our bunting and print it off single-sided – remember to print it out in colour if possible.
  • Use scissors to cut around the pennant and fold it in half to make a double-sided pennant shape.
  • Make 2 holes where shown on the template.
  • Find some string, thread or ribbon and guide it through the holes.
  • Now find somewhere to hang up your bunting!
Printable bunting
We have vinyl Southampton Children's Hospital Charity branded banners to put up at events, and also vinyl tablecloths. These are disposable, and can be posted out to our fundraisers. Contact us on 023 8120 8881 or to request these materials.

Downloadable materialsGuess my time:

At the popular request of our runners, we have these simple guess my time sheets which can be printed and used to help raise sponsorship for your event. Simply select which event you are running! We recommend sponsorship as £1 or £2 a guess.


Name the bear:

This is always a very popular event for family fun days. All you need to get started is a large teddy bear or stuffed animal. Next simply select the name of the bear from one of the lists below, and seal the name in an envelope for security. At the end of the family fun day, or event, get someone to rip open the envelope to reveal the name, and name the winner!


We can also provide variations on name the bear for 50p a guess, and name the dog. Please email for these documents.


TV Sweepstake:

Sweapstakes are always a popular and easy money earner, where you can charge as much as you like to pick the name of your favourite TV character. Whether you are into your Strictly Come Dancing, British Bake Off, or X Factor, you can adapt these posters to help raise money for Southampton Hospital Charity.

TV Sweepstake

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