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Poster templates

When you make a poster to advertise your event, you must make sure that you include the name of the charity (Southampton Hospital Charity/Southampton Children's Hospital Charity) and any specific ward/department you are fundraising for, plus our Charity Registration Number (1051543) on the poster for legal reasons.

Southampton Hospital Charity posters

For ease, we have created several different designs that you can download and use to promote your event. If you wish to use fully editable versions, please contact the charity and we will be happy to send editable posters across.


Southampton Hospital Charity poster templates:


Southampton Children's Hospital Charity posters

Southampton Children's Hospital Charity poster templates:


Don't forget to tell us about your event as we love to hear what our fundraisers are getting up to. Contact us on 023 8120 8881 or email with information about your event and your poster.

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