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Why do we need it?

The overall £5.1 million cost of the development will enable us to create a safe and specialised place for children to receive the very best care and attention, allowing us to continue saving lives in the highest quality environment.

Paediatric emergency department artists impression

The new Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department will expect to see over 30,000 children in the first year. The department will look after children’s emergencies from Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Channel Islands and Oxfordshire.  

The new department will bring the hospital firmly into the future, with innovative space and equipment allowing our staff to provide levels of care above and beyond what is currently possible. 


It will be made up of:

1. Reception, triage and waiting room

2. Children’s emergency x-ray

3. Procedural sedation room

4. Acute assessment unit

5. Observed treatment area

6. Short stay unit


Making the vision a reality

So what have your donations funded?

  • £200: A comfortable seat for a poorly child to sit in whilst waiting to see the doctor.
  • £300: A table in the waiting area for a child to use to draw pictures on to help pass the time.
  • £3,000: A trolley alongside a new bed so that a child has everything the need to hand and close by them.
  • £6,000: Kitting out the new ward and relative's kitchen so relatives can make a cup of tea or prepare some food while their loved one is staying in the short stay unit.


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