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Publicising your event

Use these top tips to get the word out about your event and make sure your fundraising activity is a huge success.


Contacting your local press

Download our template press release – all you need to do is add the details of your event.
robbiesrally mediaTop tips for a press release
  • Keep it simple. Say what you are doing, when and where you are doing it, and most importantly, WHY.
  • Make it stand out. Put your personality into what you write, and don't be afraid to sing your own praises and voice your fears too. It’s always great to use a quote.
  • Explain your reasons for the event and why you’ve chosen Southampton Hospital Charity/Southampton Children's Hospital Charity.
  • Check your facts. Dates, times, distances — make sure they are accurate.
  • Mention your JustGiving page if you have one: the generosity of strangers cannot be underestimated.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if you’d like to talk about our work. We’re here to help and are always happy to talk to the press!
Local press are also often keen to feature stories on locals undertaking impressive challenges for charity, with a photo beforehand and a follow up story after. If you are unsure if you are on the right track then please contact our office on 023 8120 8881 or and we can help.
We have a health reporter that we specifically deal with in the Daily Echo - so do contact us for their details.

Social networking

Social media has revolutionised the way people fundraise and we're big fans! Make sure you link into the charity as well so we can keep track of what you are doing, and help share the news. Remember – the people most likely to donate are your friends, so social media is a great place to start publicising what you’re doing.

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