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Sign up to our lottery for just £1 a week for your chance to win £25,000.

Every time you play, you will provide income to support your hospital. For every £1 entry, at least 50p comes directly to us as profit.

Join Unity lottery here for Southampton Hospital Charity.


How it works

The draw takes place every Saturday and each entry costs just £1. When you join the lottery, you’re allocated your own 6-digit Unity lottery number. A random winning number is drawn – the aim is to match the winning number.

Lottery winners

If you match:

  • 6 digits you’ll win £25,000 plus a £2,500 donation to Southampton Hospital Charity
  • 5 digits you’ll win £1,000
  • 4 digits you’ll win £25
  • 3 digits you’ll win 5 Prize Entries into the next draw


A match occurs if your digits are in the same place in the sequence as they are in the winning number. For example:

325764 – random winning number. 326574 – your lottery number. This is a 3-number, 5 Prize Entry wining match.

All winners are notified and prizes posted automatically if you win, so you don't even need to claim your winnings Take a chance today...


Any queries?

Call the lottery helpline on 0370 050 9240, email, or visit


Join Unity lottery here and raise money for Southampton Hospital Charity.


This week's lucky winners are:

Saturday 14 July 2018

Five prize entries for matching 3 digits were won by winning numbers:  319584, 19144, 365175, 317160, 319035, and 309779.

Make a difference for your hospital – support us today.

To join the lottery, call the lottery helpline on 0370 050 9240, email, or visit

Lottery registration number: LL06/1535.