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Knitting projects

Knitting projects

We are very fortunate to have a number of local groups, businesses and individuals who take on knitting projects for us.

Southampton Hospital Charity are currently trying to expand the range of knitting we can provide to different areas of the hospital. We would love help with these knitting projects, and the templates for each of these projects can be found below. Some are seasonal, however we are happy to accept these at any time of the year to build up the supplies ready for us to distribute across the hospital at the right time of the year.

Please put any finished items in the post to us at Southampton Hospital Charity, Mailpoint 135, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, SO16 6YD or pop in to see us as we love to see what everyone has created. We are based by the main reception at Southampton General Hospital.

It takes great skill to knit and we take our hats off to you all. Some of the creations we have seen over the years have been incredible!!


Neonatal unit and maternity wards:

We currently have enough people knitting hats, jackets, socks and mitts for our smallest patients so there is no need for new knitters. If you have already knitted these items, you can still donate them to our unit, we will never turn any away. Indeed, we love seeing festive creations such as pumpin hats or Santa hats!

If you are able to knit slightly larger hats, our children's cancer unit would love some boys and girls variations for their use when they start losing their hair due to the chemotherapy treatment.

For all those poeple who can sew, the neonatal unit does need sheets. These should be linen sheet material, with sewn hems around the outside to avoid fraying. These should be about a pillow case size, and feel free to add any sewn decoration on these (stitching only as patterns).



These look like an open-ended sleeve and are a knitted cylindrical tube with buttons and ribbons on the inside and outside. These are used as distraction for our dementia patients (generally our elderly patients) to give them something to fiddle with rather than medical lines.

We have already received a few of these and they have been well received by the staff and the patients.

Twiddlemitt template


Bunnies and chicks

We got some knitted bunnies and chicks donated to us in 2016 and thought they were simply brilliant! All of the bunnies and chicks can have small Easter eggs in e.g. the crème eggs or caramel chocolates, and these we give to our children patients over the Easter period.

Excess stock is sold to siblings or visitors to the hospital to raise additional monies for the charity.

Easter bunny template

Easter chick template


Christmas items 

New for 2016 are a range of Christmas items that we can sell at our Carol Concert, give to our staff to sell to raise money for their ward/department, or give to our patients (any ward or department, in particular those patients without family) over the Christmas period so that they get something special despite being in hospital over the festive period.

Christmas stockings

Christmas puddings