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It's your chance to support Southampton Hospital Charity, and win real cash prizes! 

The charity raises funds to pay for extra equipment and facilities that benefit patients throughout the hospital and help keep us at the forefront of healthcare. 50% of the total income generated from the lottery will be given out in prize money. Money raised through the lottery goes into the hospital general fund, and a list of what we have bought using lottery money can be found at the bottom of this page.

Have you ever wanted to give something back to the hospital but also secretly want to be able to get something back to. Now is your chance. 

Sign up to the lottery today here 


This week's lucky winners are:

Friday 24th February

1st prize of £214.75
44383 Southampton
2nd prize of £107.37
3rd prize of £9,736.69
00000 (not won for 154 weeks)
4th prize of £42.95
55098 Southampton 
Please note that we will always try to contact the winners on a Friday to inform you that you have won our lottery. If you change your details, please let us know, whether a change of phone number or address.


Sign up to the lottery today here 


So how does it work?

You will be issued with a unique computer generated Lucky Number, which will be yours for as long as you decide to play. Each Lucky Number costs £1 and you can purchase more than one Lucky Number if you wish.

The draw will take place every Friday and each winner will receive a phone call from the charity informing them of their win. The four winning numbers are randomly selected by computer.

All players must be aged 16 or over.
Do you want a chance to win £10,000?
For the 1st, 2nd and 4th prizes, the computer will pick the winning numbers at random from the allocated numbers only. For 3rd prize, all the numbers (including those not yet allocated) will be put into the computer system for one to be picked at random. If the number is not yet allocated then the prize money will roll over week on week until we have a winner, or until it reaches £10,000. Once the rollover reaches £10,000, only the allocated numbers will be in for a chance of winning the jackpot.
For your chance to win weekly cash prizes and a rollover of up to £10,000 read the information below and return the joining form to the charity offices.
Lottery leaflet
Joining form


What could I win?

Every week you will have a chance of winning one of four fabulous cash prizes. This breaks down as follows:

1st prize £250
2nd prize £123
3rd prize Rollover
4th prize £50
*This is based on 1,000 weekly players.
To request more information about the lottery please contact the Charity on 023 8120 8881 or email  

So how has the charity used your money?

The charity offers staff an annual grant of £20,000 raised through the lottery so that staff can submit ideas for improvements in their areas for patients. Some recent purchases have included:

  • Wessex neurology theatre art and design project
  • Helicopter simulation 
  • Portable slit lamp for the diabetic retinal screening service
  • Lockable medication pods for the maternity units
  • 'Dementia friendly' care in the emergency department
  • TENS machines, pads and patient leaflets for the chronic pain department
  • Additional patient wheelchairs
  • The charity paid for the TV and phone service over the Christmas and New Year period in 2013 so patients could keep in touch with friends and family for free
The more people we have in our lottery, the more money we can offer our staff to use for the benefit of our patients. Help us today by either joining our lottery, or by sending a joining form to a friend and encouraging them to play. Help make a real difference today - thank you.