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Ward and department fundraising

Raising moneySouthampton Hospital Charity fundraises for ward and department charity projects across Southampton General Hospital and the Princess Anne maternity Hospital, as well as for outreach services. Donors are encouraged to support any area of the trust close to their heart.

Every year more than 11,000 Trust staff, including nearly 700 consultants, professors and senior lecturers, see 500,000 people at outpatient appointments, deal with 120,000 attendances at the emergency department and treat 140,000 admitted emergency, inpatient or day case patients. In addition, the Trust delivers more than 100 outpatient clinics across the South of England to keep services local for patients.

At Southampton Hospital Charity every ward and department has its own fund or 'pots of money' - we currently have over 300 different funds! More depth of some of the larger funds can be found at the bottom of the page.
To find out more about individual funds and locations, or to make a donation, please call 023 8120 8881. Below are just a few of the areas that could benefit from your generous donation:

Breast services

Breast health

The Southampton breast service is a long-established specialist unit for the diagnosis and treatment of benign breast disorders and of breast cancer, and is based at Princess Anne Hospital.
We invite all women between 47 - 73 years to come in for a breast screening check up every three years, we perform breast imaging for women with concerns or diagnosed problems in our specially-designed and purpose-built new unit or mobile screening unit. Our breast unit can offer second stage breast screening so we can carry out further tests to eliminate any causes of concern.
We offer the chance can check people (outside of the 47 - 73 years of age bracket) early if there is family history with breast cancer, and the breast care nurse team also provide a breast prosthesis fitting service to women who are asymmetrical following breast surgery or due to developmental abnormalities. There are various options for breast reconstruction, and these can be discussed with members of the medial team.

Cancer care

Cancer care

The Southampton oncology unit is one of only 12 regional cancer centres in the UK, serving a population of around 1.7m people. The unit is a leader in cancer research and treatment development. Up to 500 patients each year take part in national and international trials, giving them access to new drugs before they become widely available.
Cancer care is one of the Trust's key services. We are developing as a global centre of excellence and treating more and more patients from outside the Wessex area. The centre is renowned for excellent cancer treatment and specialises in breast cancer; gynaecological cancers; lymphoma – a cancer that affects white blood cells and the immune system; melanoma – a malignant tumour normally found on the skin; sarcoma – cancer of connective or supportive tissue such as bone, cartilage, muscle; testicular cancer.
It also treats all other kinds of cancer, including: brain cancers; gastro-intestinal cancer; head and neck cancer; leukaemia; lung cancer; myeloma; urological cancer.


Southampton Children's Hospital Charity

Southampton Children's Hospital Charity
Southampton Hospital Charity is thrilled to announce the official launch of the new Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity on Monday 31st October 2016.
The child health focused charity has been formed in response to the overwhelming support we have received from the local community and further afield and their desire for a dedicated charity focusing on raising funds for our paediatric services and care. As one of the largest acute hospitals in the South, we are renowned for our exceptional neonatal and paediatric intensive care units, maternity services and cardiac care amongst others. 

Child in bed

Child Health - Our specialist consultants, nurses and wider healthcare teams offer a wide range of diagnosis, treatment and support facilities for children and their parents. These include the allergy and immunology service, which offers information and diagnosis, the cardiac service, which treats heart disorders and defects and the fetal medicine unit, which treats women with high-risk or problematic pregnancies.
Other children’s services include the Piam Brown unit, for the treatment of child oncology and haematology, the paediatric intensive care unit and the neonatal intensive care unit. There are also paediatric family support services at the Eye Unit, which provides information and support for children with eye conditions.  

Child health - Piam Brown ward

Piam Brown ward is the Regional Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Unit for Wessex, based on the top floor of Southampton General Hospital. Children come from as far afield as Brighton, Chichester, Portsmouth, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Dorchester, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Eastleigh and Fareham.
We cater for children from only one day to 16 years old, so demand on our resources is huge - per year, the unit sees approximately 100 new families. We treat all types of cancer, with Leukaemia being the most common, accounting for approximately one third of our new patients each year. Read more about Piam Brown and what the unit fundraises for on the Piam Brown dedicated webpage

Maternity services

Maternity services

We offer comprehensive care for both mother and baby throughout pregnancy. Maternity services are based at the Princess Anne Hospital on Coxford Road, just across the road from Southampton General Hospital, with an additional birth centre in the New Forest. We are a centre of excellence for maternity care, providing a comprehensive service and a choice of birth options, including home birth, for about 6,000 women each year from around Southampton.

We are also a regional centre for fetal and maternal medicine, providing specialist care for women with medical problems during pregnancy, and for those whose baby needs extra care before or around birth.

The hospital is a leading teaching centre for nursing, midwifery and medical students, and is home to the regional centre for neonatal intensive care.


If you would like to donate money or help fundraise for any of these wards or departments then please contact the charity offices on 023 8120 8881 or


HeartCardiology care

Our cardiovascular and thoracic service diagnoses and treats conditions affecting organs inside the chest (the thorax), mainly the lungs and heart, and the major blood vessels that affect circulation.
Southampton is one of the largest and most reputable cardiac centres in the UK. Established in 1972, it serves a population of around 2.8 million, and is mainly based in the £60m state-of-the-art North Wing at Southampton General Hospital. Opened in 2007, it includes cutting edge catheter labs, a specialist cardiac intensive care unit and a dedicated cardiac MRI scanner. 
The range of services available include cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery, cardiac rhythm management (which focuses on heart rhythm disorders), congenital cardiac service (which treats disorders that can affect the heart or major blood vessels) and transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). We also provide vascular services focusing on disorders of the blood vessels.

Critical care (Intensive Care Units)

The intensive care facilities across Southampton General Hospital and the Princess Anne Hospital provide a variety of specialist services. These include:  
  • Intensive careThe Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) looks after people who are seriously ill with heart or lung problems. The CICU looks after people who are seriously ill with heart or lung problems. It normally takes patients who have just come out from the operating theatre – up to eight a day.
  • The Critical Care Unit provides support for patients whose conditions are potentially life-threatening. These patients need constant and close monitoring, support for their organ systems from specific equipment and medication to keep the body functioning normally while they recover. The Trust also has two high dependency wards, for less seriously ill patients than intensive care: Surgical High Dependency Unit and Medical High Dependency Unit.
  • The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides specialist care to children aged 0-18 years. Southampton is the lead centre for paediatric intensive care in south central England, with a catchment area that includes Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Surrey, Isle of Wight, and the Channel Islands. In addition, we often accept referrals from further afield if no PICU bed is available in that region. We treat over 700 patients per year, and admit children with both medical and surgical problems ranging in age from birth to 18 years. 
  • The General Intensive Care Unit looks after people who are seriously ill. It normally takes patients who have just come out from the operating theatre, or people who have been admitted as emergency cases. The 21-bed unit at Southampton General Hospital looks after around 1,800 people every year, and patients have one-to-one or one-to-two care from a nurse.
  • The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit based at the Princess Anne Hospital, provides specialist care to sick term and pre-term (premature) newborn babies. The unit is a combined medical and surgical unit, which provides a wide range of paediatric services. The neonatal unit is a 28 bedded lead regional centre, which specialises in the medical intensive care of sick newborn babies, those requiring neonatal surgery and those who have cardiac conditions requiring both medical and surgical treatment.
  • The Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit is one of 27 units in the UK providing provides specialised intensive care services for patients who have severe illnesses affecting their brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves. The regional unit serves a population of approximately three million covering Hampshire, parts of West Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, as well as the Channel Island. Some patients are admitted from further afield for specialised care if it is unavailable in their area.


AmbulanceEmergency care

The emergency department assesses and treats people with serious injuries and those in need of emergency treatment. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The department provides essential initial treatment, including a full resuscitation service for patients of all ages with a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, many of which may be life threatening. 
We provide a full range of general and specialist trauma and orthopaedic services including hip, knee, ankle, hand, shoulder and spinal.

If you would like to donate money or help fundraise for any of these wards or departments then please contact the charity offices on 023 8120 8881 or


Neuroscience test

Medicine and elderly care

Our medicine for older people service aims to achieve excellence in the care of older people through innovative care pathways, evidence based medicine and cutting edge research into ageing and the delivery of care.
The department consists of specialists in the diagnosis and management of older people and serves Southampton and South West Hampshire. We provide expertise in managing multiple conditions, functional impairment and complex care needs in the most appropriate setting.
Innovation in the delivery, development and evaluation of our service is enhanced by integrated working with academic geriatric medicine in the University of Southampton.


The Wessex Neurological Centre provides treatment for disorders affecting the brain, spine and nerves. The centre serves a population of over three million people and treats patients from across the South, including the Channel Islands.
The central nervous system is highly complex and so are the diseases that affect it. We treat a wide range of conditions which require the skills of many different specialists. Frequently, a patient’s overall care will be overseen either by a neurologist or a neurosurgeon (if surgery is anticipated). Extensive support is also provided by other teams during investigation and treatment. 
It provides neurosurgical and neurological assessment and treatment for adults and children; including cranial and spinal trauma; brain haemorrhage; brain tumours and acute/chronic neurological diseases such as Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and motor neurone disease. IThe centre also provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for patients with head and neck cancers and those who need orthodontic surgery.

Opthalmology eyes


Southampton's Eye Unit is the leading provider of eye care services on the south coast. As one of Southampton General Hospital's largest departments, the unit deals with around 90,000 patients annually through its eye emergencies, outpatients and inpatients and surgery departments. The optometry department provides aids for the treatment of low vision conditions as well as contact lens fitting, and works alongside the orthoptics department to assess and treat a range of problems with eye movement and vision. We have a specialist children's eye service including family support.
The Eye Unit has around 200 highly-skilled staff who are experts in their field. They provide a comprehensive service for adults and children ranging from routine appointments to emergencies. The unit is proud to have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and is constantly developing new treatments for blindness.
Its strong links with the University of Southampton ensure that research into the causes and treatments for the most serious cases of previously untreatable blindness can be found. As well as being the region's leading provider of eye care, the unit is also a major player in the research into and teaching of eye care. 

If you would like to donate money or help fundraise for any of these wards or departments then please contact the charity offices on 023 8120 8881 or


Pathology microscopePathology

Pathology is the branch of medicine concerned with the cause, origin and nature of disease.
Our main service is based at Southampton General Hospital with outposted services at the Royal South Hants Hospital and Lymington. We provide laboratory plus full clinical diagnostic and advisory services.  We report over 10 million tests (1.8 million specimens) per annum from specimens received from hospital, general practice and other sources.
The department provides diagnoses through testing and analysi, such as testing tissue for cancer, organ and blood donor matching, blood testing and testing for allergies and asthma. 

Red & White haematology fund

The Red & White Appeal officially closed with the opening of the new haematology unit in August 2013. All money raised for the haematology unit now goes towards the Red & White fund. The money is used to update and refurbish the day unit and all equipment not provided by the NHS to improve patient experience and welfare. 


Xray imageRadiology

We are one of the largest radiology services in the country, seeing nearly 300,000 patients each year and employing over 300 staff.
The service is based over three sites: Southampton General Hospital, Royal South Hants Hospital and Princess Anne Hospital.
Our radiology services include paediatric radiology, cardiothoracic radiology, ultrasounds, and other procedures carried out at radiology. We use the latest technology such as MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, PET CT scanning and X-ray to provide fast and accurate diagnoses. We also perform the latest minimally invasive image guided surgical intervention and advanced treatment for both inpatients and day cases. 

Specialist medicine

Sugarfall was established in 2012 for the sole purpose of supporting adult patients with diabetes. This is a fund of Southampton Hospital Charity (Sugarfall fund number 0049), and monies raised and donated go towards purchasing equipment and educational resources to help with the care of adult patients with diabetes at Southampton General Hospital. Specialist glucose monitoring equipment and diabetes books for patients have been purchased so far, and the team are keen to do more. 


We carry out some routine elective surgery, as well as major and complex trauma surgery and tertiary surgical services, in specialist areas including Breast and endocrine surgery; Cardiac (heart) surgery; Eye surgery; Gastrointestinal surgery; Neurosurgery; Oral and maxillofacial surgery; Thoracic (chest cavity) surgery; Urological surgery; Vascular (blood vessel) surgery.

These services are complemented by our intensive care units, specialist anaesthetics services and other imaging and therapy services.

In the last few years we have developed innovative care pathways that have reduced the length of stay and increased the volume of day surgery undertaken.



Improving healthcare for the benefit of patients is at the heart of everything we do, and Southampton patients have some of the best access to new therapies and technologies in the UK. Southampton is a major national site for clinical research, and through our partnership with the University of Southampton we are taking discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic. We have many research funds for different areas of medicine or to fund research nurses. Please contact the offices for more information on these.

If you would like to donate money or help fundraise for any of these wards or departments then please contact the charity offices on 023 8120 8881 or