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Lahna Appeal

The Lahna Appeal raises funds for Southampton General Hospital and Princess Anne Hospital for vital equipment, to give continued support to families, but most of all to assist in the care of sick babies and children.

It was created in the summer of 2009 in memory of Lahna Tula Beatty. Little Lahna tragically died suddenly and unexpectedly at just five months old, from viral Myocarditus causing heart failure after contracting two viruses, one being the common cold.

The Beatty family are looking to continue to help other sick babies and children and purchase further equipment and services which will keep Lahna’s memory alive and bring some purpose to her short life. 


Below are examples of what they have funded/part funded:

  • CX40 ultrasound scanner (joint fundraising project with the British Heart Foundation)
  • Heart probe for the Paediatric Cardiology Unit
  • Two Otoscope machines for the paediatric Emergency Department
  • An underwater heart monitor and a water cooler for labouring mums at Ashurst Birthing Centre
  • Birthing equipment for Princess Anne Hospital
  • Lahna has a pool birthing room dedicated in her name at the Princess Anne Hospital
  • A room named after Lahna in the Broadlands maternity Ward, Princess Anne Hospital
  • Purchased five APNI-monitors for the Southampton health visiting team - care of next infant (CONI) programme


Events linked to this fund can be found in the community events section of our website here. 

Further updates can be found via the Lahna Tula Facebook page. The Lahna Appeal comes under the umbrella of Southampton Hospital Charity (registered charity number 1051543).

Thank you for your support.