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Current fundraising projects

Collection tins and bucketsSouthampton Hospital Charity has over 300 ward and department funds to raise money. Donors are encouraged to support any area of the Trust close to their heart. To find out more about individual funds and locations, or to make a donation, please call 023 8120 8881. Please ensure you quote what area you wish to donate to with any donation to ensure it goes to the correct cause. 

On this page you will find some of the projects that we currently raising money for. While it might be tempting to buy items yourself, we have to ask for the money itself so that our teams can buy the exact products that they require as these must be in line with the Trust policy on infection control and fire regulations otherwise they cannot be used. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. We can arrange cheque presentation or a photo with the equipment once the item(s) has been bought by our staff.

Please contact the charity team on 023 8120 8881 to talk about what projects specific wards are currently raising money for. The details below are examples only, for up to date information, please call us.



There are around 800-1,000 births within Broadlands Birthing Centre which is a midwifery led environment promoting normal labour and birth. Midwives work hard to provide a holistic approach to labour care and management and the Multitrac system is designed to provide assistance in this by supporting mothers and their partners through this life changing experience. The equipment allows the mother to be in a safe and secure position when giving birth in a natural, vertical way. Multitrac delivery system - £5,170



The neonatal unit is looking to raise money in 2017 to purchase a Sonosite ultrasound machine. This will scan the hearts and heads of premature babies to look for abnormalities, and is smaller than their current ultrasound machine, making it more portable therefore providing faster access to the scans. 


F8 family room for the stroke unit

Thermometer one fillF8 ward is the dedicated stroke unit at Southampton General Hospital where there is a 28 bed stroke rehab ward and a 9 bed hyper acute stroke (HASU) ward. F8 ward want to create a family room which can be used for privacy and quiet for patients and visitors away from the ward environment, plus as an area for staff to deliver end of life news. It is important to be away from the bedside and in a quiet area where conversations cannot be overheard.

This is not an easy job as walls need to be knocked down, and a sink pulled out before decoration can begin. While quite a small area, this room will contain a sofa bed and calming artwork. 

Our thanks to Eastleigh football club for helping us to raise some of these costs.

Cost: £50,000 (Quote 0067: Stroke unit fund) 


Trauma and Orthopaedics

We have recently opened a trauma orthopaedic assessment unit on F level to allow patient referrals without the need to present to the emergency department, reduce patient waiting times and provide a structured assessment admission process within trauma and orthopaedics. They are looking for:

  • A plasma screen to give real-time information for patients - £1,000
  • Portable hand held Doppler machine for monitoring and detection of vascular injuries associated with limb injuries - £727
  • Water cooler - £650


If you would like to donate money or help fundraise for any of these wards or departments then please contact the charity offices on 023 8120 8881 or


Resuscitation trolleys

In a 12 month period an emergency trolley was used 751 times, 559 were medical emergencies and 192 were cardiac arrests. The equipment trolley is an essential part of any emergency call. Some of our current trolleys need to be replaced - £20,000


D2 Haematology ward

  • Artwork to brighten up the ward - £3,500
  • TVs and aerials - £2,500


G1 Physiology (endoscopy)

Upgrade existing  MMS equipment which is currently used for ano-rectal monometry to enable the unit to perform upper GI studies, including oesophageal monometry and 24 hour impedance. This will maximise the efficiency of the department, reduce waiting times and increase the capacity of the service - £8,800


Cancer services

In radiotherapy physics we used thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) to measure the radiation dose that a radiotherapy patient received to a location on their body. We need to purchase additional TLDs - £1,300 (for 300)


Spinal services

F7 is a spinal ward for patients who have sustained life changing injuries, some who are paralysed from their injures and don’t have the dexterity to operate normal buzzers. We want some touch sensitive buttons for call bell activation - £250 x 4 = £1,000


Anaesthesia and critical care

The use of echocardiography in critical care and anaesthesia is a fast developing area. Knowing the function of the heart when someone is critical ill is extremely useful, and the Sonosite iViz will allow doctors to make faster decisions on which treatment to give to the critically unwell patients - £9,700


Asthma allergy and clinical immunology

  • Fridge freezer for food allergy testing – £200
  • Dynamap/outpatient monitoring equipment with automatic blood pressure monitoring to facilitate swift check of vital signs - £885.60


C4 Solent ward (acute oncology)

  • Emergency admissions to the ward have increased, therefore having a Dash Monitor will automatically alert medical and nursing staff to significant changes in the patients clinical condition - £2,500
  • Beverage station. C4 no longer has access to the ward kitchen so we want to install a work surface, hot and cold water supply, sink unit, cupboards, dishwasher and microwave oven - £5,000


Musculoskeletal therapies – orthopaedics

Since Southampton became a major trauma centre in 2012, the complexity of the patients we are assessing and treating has increased significantly. This has resulted in an increase in demand for rehabilitation equipment, in particular specialist seating - £5,000.


Acute Medical Unit

  • Dementia break out area - In recent months the acute medical unit has seen a significant increase in patients presenting with dementia. We want to create a break out area on AMU and support the creation of a dedicated bay for those with dementia. Both the table and chairs needed are specially designed for this purpose - £1,470
  • Carers beds – we are seeing an increase in patients presenting with either mental health issues, dementia, learning difficulties or wider situations where a carer is needed to stay with the patient. Currently these carers spent their time sitting upright in a patient bedside chair. We want to replace some of those with reclining chairs which convert into beds - £3,528
  • Patient bedside tables – we need to replace many of the bedside tables due to the high level so usage and states of disrepair - £228 x 14 = £2,048
  • We would like to buy a Sara Steddy to support the mobilisation of our elderly patients. It would greatly improve the patient journey, enhances recovery and discharge planning - £1,800
  • Spirometer – we would like a handheld electrical device used for neurological patients to measure their lung volume - £376.74
  • Artwork for the unit - £1,000


Medical discharge lounge

Patients due to transfer to the discharge lounge are notified by their ward, who also advise the patient’s carers and relatives that they can be collected from the discharge lounge rather than the ward. This means that those picking up patients can avoid the hassle and cost of having to find a space in the main hospital car park but instead can use the free pick up/drop off parking outside. We often need our own wheelchair to help get patients to cars - £552.96


If you would like to donate money or help fundraise for any of these wards or departments then please contact the charity offices on 023 8120 8881 or


Urology outreach service

The urology day unit are planning a urology outreach service to assist the care of patient with urological issues. The team care for 80-100 patients per week, so would like a urology equipment bag containing resources to take to patients within any area of the hospital to assist with complex catheter insertion, etc.

  • Equipment bag set up £70
  • Laptop to record and report patient inquiries - £450
  • Fax machine - £80


G3 children’s orthopaedics - £5,000

  • New  notes trolley for ward rounds
  • Mains supply cold water dispenser
  • Three patient transfer bags
  • Pigeon holes for the staff office
  • Microwave and toaster


Hystroscopy and calposcopy (gynaecology/women’s health)

  • We currently use flexible hysteroscopes for diagnostic purposes and would like to update to rigid hysteroscopes to complement the existing scopes - £4,500 x 2 = £9,000
  • We are now providing weekly hysteroscopy clinics and patients need vital signs monitored prior and after the procedure. We would like to buy an aneroid sphygmomanometer and two hand held pulse oximeters - £1,000
  • We want to buy a calposcope for the service. This allows the nurse or doctor to see a women's cervix in high magnification to diagnose cervical abnormalities - £7,100


G2 ward or child medical unit

We want to replace the beds and fold up chairs with large comfortable chairs that convert to parent beds £1,000 x 16 = £16,000